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Monday, September 22, 2008

Chose you attitude

sept13-300,sept14-100,sept15-60,sept16100,sept17-100,sept18-65,sept 21-55
total push ups/chins 124,964
weight 208bf%23
My oldest daughter has an expression she oftens says. Ususally during our family vacation we use Stephanies expression as a mantra. "chose your attitude" . During our summer vacation as a family we have a great time together and many memories are created. However inevitably one of us will get a little grumpy and we will wear on each others nerves a bit as people ,even family members will when they are in close quarters for an extended period. If one of us is getting a little snappy-someone else will remind them-"chose your attitude" -it usually turns the offending family member around. Yesterday I was reading Stephanie's draft of Randy Pausch's book-The LAst Lecture. I noticed beside a passage she had written. Chose your Attitude". Apparently this phrase also serves to mean not only don't be grumpy on a family vacation-but it can also mean don't stop trying when you are not meeting your goals as quick as you had intended. I have been pretty busy at work, traveling a lot and as a result not working out so much. The diet hasnt been so clean either. I was feeling a little dismayed that i was not moving as quickly towards my one million push ups goal. Time to chose my attitude. I will make my goal of one million push ups and I will workout consistently this week (event though this week has a lot of travel and work ahead).

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