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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Results

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Not one to usually comment on politics-but as a Canadian I am surprised at the U.S election. As Canadians we often watch the Presidential election race in awe. In the last few elections it seems that whoever Canadians think is the obvious choice-the Americans vote for the other guy. I had heard about a poll this summer where Obama had a higher approval rate with Canadians than our own Prime Minister. I have thought McCain was a good candidate -but I have to say I was routing for Obama. The credit crisis in the US has to have done McCain in-a little to hard to distance yourself from Bush at that point in the game. But nonetheless even though the polls were favoring Obama-he seemed like the obvious choice, that seemed like it would be the kiss of death to his campaign. Just when I thought I was starting to understand U.S politics-the rules all change. Great to have a non-white leader in the states. Have to say I am going to miss the Sarah Palin segments on SNL. Got to say I think she was probably way more competant than she came across in the media, but the real story is clearly Tina Fey is a comic genius.

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