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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1000 push ups a day

total push ups/chin ups 142,062
weight 203.6 %bf 24.1
I have a "google alert" set up for the words "push up". Yesterday I found the article below on ;
After reading it I am kind of feeling like I am wimping out on the push ups- and need to suck it up and post some bigger numbers.
One of my clients was telling me about her boss that does 1000 push ups every day. I asked her why he chose to do that many push ups each day and she said he had had back problems and this one of the things that helped him. I was amazed and also entrigued, so I thought I would ask him for his story…
“When I was about 35 I began having lumber disc problems which is hereditary as I am now at least the third generation to have exactly the same problem at about the same age. My back is pretty good now two surgeries later, but for several years before having surgery I was doing physical therapy and would several times a day need to get on the floor and do some stretching to relieve pain. (as an aside I would recommend that even once people have successful back surgery they never stop the back exercises, as I never miss a day and it helps a lot) As long as I was on the floor any way, I began to do a set of push ups each time as it made my back feel even better than just the therapy exercises. I discovered that, at least for me, it was a back friendly exercise. Over time I kept increasing the size of my sets and began doing them as a routine in the morning and at night as well. One week I was feeling good and set a goal of 500 which I easily achieved. Then the 500 successively grew to 1000. Now 18 years later and 53 years old I still do 1000 push ups almost every day. There are some days where I do more as 1200 or 1300 or more is not terribly unusual. But under virtually no circumstances will I go to bed without a minimum of 500 for a day. That is a bad day and rare, but it sets a minimum base line. About a year ago I set my current single day record of 2300. Although my single set record is 150, my normal range starts at 100 to 120 in the morning and then I work my way down on set size from there. The single most important key to having a routine like this is getting started with the first set each day. To force that discipline I roll out of bed and before I stand up, I get in my first set of at least 100. From there it is down hill and easy all day.
Certainly I do other exercise, I walk, swim, Nautilus, but push ups are my core mainstay and give me some exercise every day of the year no matter what is going on and it is a nice quick way to constantly stretch my back while I am at it. My back is doing fine, I feel ok, maintain a constant low weight and low blood pressure.”
Gary A. Bernstein

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