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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

losing a pound a day


total push ups and chins 141,577

weight 205 bf %23

Down another half a pound. Since Christmas that has been four and a half pounds of weight lost,pretty close to a pound a day of weight loss. I would be thrilled to believe that the weight loss could continue this way and if it does great. I don't seem to have a ton of trouble getting down to 200 pounds, however the real test is whether I can get down below 200 pounds. If I keep heading south of 200 I will be pretty happy with the kettlebells. I have been fooling around with the kettlebells for a while. Pretty much anything you would want to know about working out with kettlebells can be found on Pavel Tsataouline who brought this ancient strength building tool, to consciousness in the west, has his books and courses featured on the site. I have been lurking on the site and it's forums for a while. When I got the two 16kg bells I started to fool around with them a bit-but the forums say buy the book "Enter the Kettlebell" and follow the program in it. So finally I did and have been following the RIte of Passage Program outlined in the book(along with push ups of course). Seems to be working pretty well so far. The website for dragondoor is quite simply :

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