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Sunday, December 28, 2008

down 4

dec 26-600,dec 27-335

total push ups/chins 140,843

weight 205.5 bf%24

Down another 4 pounds since Christmas. My calorie deficit according to fitday -doesn't quite justify this loss in pounds. I have read that the kettebells have a "high Metabolic cost" -which I am I think is a more manly way of saying the burn a lot of calories. I have been doing 20-45 minutes of kettlebells on top of my push ups and chins. Fitday doesn't have an activity code for kettlebells so I have been plugging my time in as "weight training" which I am assuming burns fewer calories than the kbs. Nonetheless they seem to be working okay. It is quite something if this little (well not so little) ball of iron with a handle -swinging it around and such could burn that many calories. Got this months copy of Men's Health and there is a picture of Lance Armstrong swinging a kettlebell. I guess if they are good enough for Lance Armstrong they are good enough for me.

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