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Friday, January 23, 2009


Jan 18-540,jan19-240,jan20-505,jan21-500,jan 22-457
total push ups and chins 152,958
weight 202.8 bf 22.6%
Every once in a while when I do an internet search on something like kettlebells-I inevitably come across somebodies crossfit site somewhere. I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to these sites until a little over a week ago. The main site is:
Each day they post the daily work out or as they refer to it WOD . Kettlebells are one of the frequently used peices of equiptment. The site and organization claim to be focused on functional fitness. For most of this week I have been trying out some of thier workouts. Not the WOD -I think those would seriously whip my a**. The site has a few of the standard workouts -brand x -that they have scaled down into four levels of fitness. The regular length and intensity of the workout is the Big Dog and the beginner version is the Puppies. I have been doing the puppies version of these workouts for about a week (in addition to the push ups and chins-although most of the workouts have a lot of chins). I would say I kind of like and hate the workouts at the same time. Each workout has a slightly different focus, sometimes you are focusing on gymnastics, then olympic weightlifting, cardio curcuits-lots of variety in general. Anyway the website is worth a check out, and I am definately continuing to work on the push ups and the chins-but these workouts will add some variety for a while.

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