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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Links

Jan23-319,jan 24-465,jan25-331,jan26-615,jan 27- 105

total push ups/chins 154,788

weight 201.6, bf%21.8

I added a few links to the sites I access fairly frequently over to the left. Fitday is pretty cool as you can track on a daily basis how many calories you are burning versus what you are eating. Dragon door will tell you almost everything you ever wanted to know about kettlebells and training with kettlebells. Crossfit is one of my new favorites. The daily workouts or WOD are pretty extreme.-Lots of variety so keeps things interesting. THe workoouts have lots of push ups ,chins and handstand pushups (not to mention some kettlebells thrown in to boot) so I like them. The site has what they call brandx workouts which are scaled down versions of the WOD. For right now the "puppy' version of the workouts is sufficient for me-looking forward to working up to the "big dog" workouts.


RunTX said...

cool I'll check them out.

LarryMat said...

Fitday is pretty cool-not recommended if you have even a hint of obsessive compulsive disorder