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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can you do these push ups?


total push ups/chins 155,783

weight 203.2 bf%21.5

If you think you can't get an adequate workout doing mainly push ups check out this video:

The graph above (fitday -weight goal graph) indicates that I am still on target for meeting my goal of reaching 185 by New Years. The squiggly line is my actual weight.Obviously there are day to day fluctuations,but basically I am trying to keep below the straight flat line. So far so good-however you can see there are a few days where I have pushed the envelope-or the line so to speak. I got a little nervous this morning when the tanita said my weight was going up,but I did the math and the drop in bodyfat percent suggests I gained 1.86 pounds of muscle and lost about a quarter of a pound of fat. Do I believe I gained almost 2 pounds of muscle overnight-well not really. Probably just one of those daily fluctuations -but it makes a pound or two gain easier to swallow.

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