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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crossfit Endurance

Jan 31-440,Feb1-570,Feb 2-227

total chins and push ups 157,020

Weight 203.0 bf%21.3

I noticed that crossfit had a cool cardio/ aerobics/endurance website as if the workouts on the mainpage were not enough :

I have tried a few of the workouts geared for the concept 2 rower. I don't have a rower but the crossfit faq provides an alternate exercise-sumo dealift style high pulls (now that is a mouthfull). So essentially I have been doing the c2 workouts using a barbell to do sumo dealift style high pulls or a kettlebell to do swings. I like these because I really hate running and most other types of cardio-but still at my age should be thinking about the old ticker.

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