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Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't Try This at Home Either


total push ups/chins 165,220
Don't try this at home. Found this photo on the website :
It is a crossfit type blog/website called Byers gets Diesel. A cool website-check it out. If you have ever tried to do push ups on a pair of kettlebells you will have a bit of an idea how challenging this might be. You may have noticed that I haven''t posted my weight above-mostly because I don't have an idea-where I am at. I am out of town on busines right now, but have also been avoiding the scale. Mostly I have been avoiding the scale as I have been eating pretty much whatever I have wanted lately and due to the sore shoulder I am just getting back into working out on a regular basis. Good news is the shoulder feels like it is back to 100%

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