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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1000 push ups a day

Apr 10-30 Apr11-344 Apr12-105,apr 13-1000 apr-14-1000

total push ups /chins 168,599

weight 205 ,bf % 24

Well I have been dogging it on our Biggest Loser family competition. My son -in law is already down 12 pounds and well - I keep gaining and losing the same 4 or 5 pounds over and over again. The last two days I figured I better get my act in gear if I have a hope of catching everyone else in the family. The last two days I have done a thousand push ups/chins a day. It takes me about 60 -70 minutes to get that many done. Lots and lots of sets with about 30 seconds between each set. I am out of town on business the next two days-hopefully I will be able to keep this rate up for a few more days.

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