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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Biggest LOser

Mar 30-180 Mar 31-100,Apr 1-100,April 5 -220,Apr 6-300

weight 203.8 bf% 23.5

total push ups and chins 166,120

It took a little longer to get back on the wagon than I thought it might. The last two days I have had respectable workouts( as opposed to the last two weeks). I will definately need to ramp it up a bit. Our family is doing sort of our own biggest loser. We have each put $150 into a pot. The contest runs until May 15th. The object is for each of us to lose the biggest amount of bodyweight possible by this time. We will compare by total percentage of bodyweight lost not total pounds. Given that most of us are not doing so well on our diets or exercise- our main strategy so far has been sabatoging each other. My daughter and wife have been baking muffins or brownies and leaving them cooling on the counters. Although I have noticed that my other daughter and son in law have been adding some runs and bike rides above and beyond the nightly workouts we have been doing. I am clearly going to need to bring my "A" game to this competition.

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