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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EveryJoe Fitness

May12-210,May 13-660
total push ups/chins 179,723
weight 204.4 bf% 21.1
You've got to check out this website:
Everyjoe fitness- I've got to admit I have to check it out every week or so. There are some decent articles, but the site always does these reviews on the latest fitness gadgets. Pretty honest reasonable reviews of new products. I am a bit of a fitness gadget junky. Not that I buy them all -I just like to see what crazy gadgets are coming out next. I did lose the battle with the temptation to buy when I saw Jumpsnap the ropeless jump rope on the site. The gadget is pretty good. Skipping is a pretty good workout-but jumping rope is a particular skill-a skill that I am not great at. I am always tripping over the rope and then having to get the momentuum going again. While you stop and start your heart rate keeps going back down. The Jumpsnap doesn't have any of that nonsense-no rope to trip over. The "rope" does actually feel surprisingly like regular skipping -it also makes a noise very similar to the sound the rope makes when it hits the floor- helps you to keep the rhythm. Pretty cool check out the site -the link to the Jump Snap website is on the everyjoe site. But if you want to go directly to the ropeless website here is the link:

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