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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

playing with crossfit

June 16-660,june 17-240, June 20-200 ,june 21-64,june 22-250,june24-280

weight 201.8, bf 23.4%

total push ups and chins 188,933

I have been playing around with crossfit workouts a bit. Playing around is probably the wrong term. They are brief but beat the crap out of you. Some days I have been foolinsh enough to do two of the workouts in the same day-they just seem so brief you feel like you can get another one in. Half way throught the second one you kind of think "well this was a mistake". I have been trying to use the weights indicated on the crossfit site-but I also have to admit sometimes this is challenging. These workouts have a way of showing you how not in shape you are. Found an interesting blog. Mr Low Body Fat link is below.

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