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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

less than 10 thousand away from 200k

june25-450,june26-50,june27-325,june 28-196,june 30-125
total push ups/chins 190,079
weight 199.2 bf%23.3
Winston Churchill said "if you are going through hell-keep going". I think he was refering to the battle of Britain -but in a way it applies to almost any but situation in life-put your head down and just keep going. Somehow comparing the Battle of Britain to Crossfit workout seems a little trite- however something about them -even thought they are really brief- you just want to get them done and get it over with. I seem to be experiencing a little drop in weight- maybe due to the crossfit? I am less than 10,000 push ups/chins from the 200k mark -should be able to hit 200k before the year is over. I am hoping on hitting a quarter of a million by new years. That would take an average of over 330 push ups or chins a day until New Years. This is a little more than I have been doing lately but - I think I will push for it (no pun intended).

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