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Monday, July 13, 2009

200k target reasonable

July9-440,July 11-385,july12-420

total push ups/chins 193,037

weight 203, bf 21.6%

I am over 193k worth of push ups and chins ups. 200k is within reach for the end of the year. At this rate-there is about 5 and a half months left in the year. That works out to about 1216 push ups and/or chins per month. If the average month had 30 days ( which it doesn't -it has a little more) then I would have to do about 42 chins/push ups per day. No problem. I was kind of hoping to get to the quarter million push ups/chins mark by New Years. At this point this is a little more of a challenge. At this point I have 56963 to go to make 250,000. With 5 and a half months to go that gives me a target of about 10,356 per month. Achieveable but challenging. Using the same 30 days per month average that gives me about 345 push ups to do a day. Well I definately can do 42 a day- 345 will be harder but I am going to give it at try

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