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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Down weight- a bit

July 5-413,july 6-60,july7-411,july 8-100
total push ups/chins 191,792
weight 199.6 bf % 24.2
I did go away for a few days leading up to and over the weekend. I managed to keep my weight under control. Well the truth is I went up about 7 pounds because I didn't get a lot of workouts in. I was just determined to get my weight back down before I did a post again. So I am down a portion of a pound from where I was last time I post -about a week ago. I suppose it is a good thing you can go wild and binge over a long weekend -go up about seven pounds and get it back down in about a week. My percentage of body fat has gone way up -but it seems to fluctuate up and down a bit as my weight goes up and down. Actually after my binge weekend-many pieces of pizza and chicken wings-I was up to 207 but my bodyfat was a little under 20 percent. I thought "great I didn't work out and I ate like a pig but I gained muscle and lost fat ( according to my bf % reading anyway). The next day it had jumped back up -so I guess easy come easy go

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