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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eat this ,Not that

total push ups/chins 198,425
weight 199.5 bf%22.5
Men's Health Magazine has a cool new feature on thier website. It ranks popular eating spots on thier menu's nutritional value. It ranks them and gives them an A, A- ,B etc type rating. If you click on the particular chain' s name it will drill down into the specific's of the restaurants menu items. For example it ranks McDonald,s as a B+ overall, if you drill down items like the Big Breakfast are given a c- or apple dippers an a-. It also gives the calorie amount for the particular item. You can sign up for their Eat this Not That newsletter on the website:
This section of thier site actually has a lot of interesting links for comparisons of just what you should select at a particular sit down or fast food restaurant.

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