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Monday, August 24, 2009

over 200 k

Aug20-40,aug 21-130,aug 22-325,aug23-300
total push ups/chins 200,220
weight 199.6 bf% 21.5
The Vegas holiday and the Chicago business trip are done so I should be able to get back to regular workouts and diet. My mom is in town for a week visit, so there should be some minor disruption-but for sure after this week things will be back to normal. I am over 200 k in my quest for one million push ups/chins- minor milestone reached.
To start my push ups or chins for the day I have started working my way through the perfect push ups and pull up routines listed on their website:
At this point just doing the daily workout doesn't cut it so I am doing a few more push ups or pull ups above and beyond the workout. Just doing thier workout for a bit of variety. I do have the push up bar, but not the pull up bars ( just using a regular chin up bar).

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