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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

21 day program

sept 22-494,sept 23-120
total chins/push ups 207,774
weight 197.8 bf% 21.3
Still doing the perfect push ups workout one, two and three. Also the perfect pull up workouts one two and three. I think the point is to do one of the workouts, but at this point the volume doesn't seem like enough to do just one workout. Some days I do extra push ups at the end -sets of ten or 20. Worked through the 21 day program once (almost through a second time now). The regular perfect push ups are a bit harder than regular push ups-I suppose that is the point. When I started even though doing sets of 20, 30 or more push ups isn't a big deal-I could only do 10 strict perfect push ups. Twenty one days later I could do 21 strict. I am guessing at the end of this cycle my maximum will jump again.

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