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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nordic Track arrived

Oct 22-582,oct23-530,oct24-520
215,886 total push ups/chins
weight 198 bf%21.6
I have had some good "push up" days. To reach the goal of a quarter million push ups/chins by New Years ,I now have to do about 501 push ups and/or chins a day. If this week is any indication I should be able to make it. The new Nordic Track Incline trainer arrived yesterday. Well after setting it up after work last night I couldn't be bothered trying it out. Not a good sign. However today I did try two of the "easy" workouts, the 150 calorie workout and the 250 calorie workout. A little challenging , but "easy" doesn't describe the workout, but I wouldn't say "hard "does either. Anyway the machine is great. Sound quality with the mp3 hook up is great. The fan is a welcome addition when the thing goes into 40 degree incline mode. Lets see what happens to the percentage of bodyfat now.

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