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Thursday, November 26, 2009

In the Zone


total push ups/chins 230,884

weight 194.2 bf%19.8

I must be in the zone or something this week -I mentioned a few days ago that I needed to hit over 560 push ups/chins a day to make a quarter of a million byNew Years. For some reason this week blowing past the daily average necessary has been a breeze.

I was checking out the Gym Jones website last night (
Gym Jones methods were the ones used to train the actors for the movie 300. ( Mark Twight was the trainer). The workouts are pretty intense and the site has a few articles about the preparation of the actors for the movie. If you click on the "schedule" page on the sight there is a daily work out of the day, which is similar to the training Gerad Butler and the other actors went through. All the actors were pretty ripped -it couldn't hurt to do a few of the workouts.

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