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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Dec21-450,dec22-698 dec23-845,dec24-275,dec25-100

total push ups/chins 250,031
weight 195.2 bf%18.6
Well I made it to a quarter of a million chins/push ups before New Years. The Christmas festivities have helped me to put a few pounds back on -but no fear. I have a new fitness inventory. The kids got me Julian Micheals Bootcamp -ifit cards for the Nordic Track Incline trainer. They bought level 3 and 4-so I am a little afraid of what kind of *ss kicking might be in store. Cathy bought me a heavy bag tower with a speed bag stand. I spent an hour today pounding the speedbag and heavy bag. I can see this will be a fun way to turn up the calorie burn. Last but not least Cathy bought me the P90x dvds. I had these before, somehow I managed to lose them. I am not sure lose is the correct phrase. They just seemed to go missing. It seems no coincidence that the kids quite liked the p90x dvds. Anyway they have been missing for months and no one will admit taking them- I have a new set so -murphys law is that the old set will show up.

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