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Sunday, March 14, 2010

1000 push ups a day

total push ups/chins 264,160
weight 189.6 bf %17,6
"I ask not for a lighter burden,but for broader shoulders"
Jewish Proverb
I would like to make it to a half a million push up/chin ups by the end of this year. From where I am now to where I would like to be by year end -that means doing about 900-1000 push ups or chins a day. Last year I wanted to top out over a quarter million by year end-this meant doing about this many a day as well. To do this the challenge becomes not only physical ,but also a challenge of just finding enough time in the day. It is still early in the year, might not start posting one thousand push ups today or tomorrow but I am going to try to start ramping it up again.

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