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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Face Death Every day


total push ups/chins 267,900

weight 184.8,bf%17.8

There's a pretty good, brief article in this month's Men's Health. I think it is written by the author (producer?) of Fight Club. It is about Living each day like you are facing death. Seems to be a rash of people I know-work with -am related to etc etc- keep getting diagnosed with our tested for some life threatening disease. Cancer, diabetes, un-determined tumors or growths. Got me thinking a lot lately about-living like you are facing death everyday. Not in an oh my god-poor me kind of way. In a tell your wife -your kids and everyone who is important to you -how much they mean to you -as soon as you get a chance -kinda way. You don't know how many tomorrows you have left. None of us do.

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