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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Too much travel

Feb25-150,feb 27-349,feb28-89,march1-747,mar2-24,mar3-577,mar4-73,mar6-418
total push ups/chins 262,690
weight 188 bf%17.5
The Ipod touch and Loss it ap are keeping me fairly honest in terms of calories burned versus calories eaten. Traveling with work still makes it a little challenging to keep the calorie balance on the right side of the fence. I have been out of the city a fair deal the last couple of weeks and I must say I am not as good at making the right choices in a restaurant as I am getting at home. I think it is the "what the hell factor". When I am in Edmonton I stay at a hotel that has a decent gym-so I am more likely to get a good workout in. My percentage of bodyfat is still heading in the right direction most of the time so I have no complaints.

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