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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twice as Good as the Twenty Somethings

total push ups/chins 285,856
weight 186.6 bf%18
Well five days straight I have grinded out over 1000 push ups/chins. I am hoping I am not jinxing myself by typing this but it has been going okay. No serious pain or muscle soreness. I have a slight tenderness where the biceps meets the forarm. This has not prevented me from doing chins-but it has made doing sets of wide or reverse grip chins a little less motivating. I will just take it easy and go a little easier on the chin ups. I was looking back over my posts. I started this obsession in Febrary of 2007. Around this time my weight was hovering between 205 and 210 and my bodyfat was around 22 to 24 percent. I didn't start really tracking my weight on this blog until about 2008. I noticed December 31 of 2008 I was at 205 pounds with 24.1 percent bodyfat. Now December is Christmas time and probably the worst time of year to weigh yourself-nonetheless my weight was hovering back and forth around this level for a while. I seem to be able to hover between 17 to 19 percent bodyfat and I am having less trouble keeping my weight in the 180;s (albiet the high 180s most of the time). This is hardly what you would call rapid weight loss. If you track my entries you will see that I have probably gained and lost about the same hundred pounds over the last few years. However I suppose the real point is I am much less reluctant to take my shirt off than I was at 24 percent bodyfat. Men's Health won't be offering me a cover shot anytime soon-but I will likely spend a little more time at the beach this year. Speaking of Men's Health-this month's edition says the average 40 to 49 year old can pump out 15 push ups and the average 20-29 year old can pump out 25. In the upper half of my middle forties it feels okay to think you can do set after set of twice as many push ups as those twenty something guys.

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