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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Need to do 973 a day

May17-June2- 3828
total push ups/chins 293,884
weight 189 bf% 18
I haven't posted in a while. Thought I better update the push up numbers. Instead of a day by day tally -I just posted the total for the last two weeks or so-you will just have to trust me. Last two weeks have been a little relaxed. Some really good days, but also some days where I only did a hundred or so ( or skipped a day altogether). It is however time to get serious. If I want to hit a half a million by New Years I need to average about 973 push ups or chins a day. I am going to try to ramp up to a few 1000 rep days a week. I will try to do over a grand every second day for a few weeks to ramp up to the volume I will need to meet the goal. Today was a high number day-I did 1044 to get myself started ;about 100 chins and the rest push ups.

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