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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Man Injuries

July 22-240,july 23-300,july24-411,july25 427,july26-428,july 27-206
total push ups/chins 303,960
weight 188.2 bf% 17.7
I continued this week with alternating -one day push ups- one day chins. I didn't push the numbers too high and the bicep feels pretty good. I have been using a Concept 2 rower most days as well and between the two-knock on wood I still feel pretty fresh. Next week I might try a day or two where I push the number of chins or push ups over the 500 level to see how I feel. I will definately alternate push up and chin up days-that clearly seems to be working for me. It is my 46th birthday this weekend -don't want to be nursing any old man injuries.

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