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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skinny Bastard

Aug 3-519,aug 4-546,aug5-300,Aug 7-304,Aug9-300,aug 11-96,aug 12 -126,aug 17 -120

total push ups/chin 308,611
weight 192.8 bf% 19
Just got back from a short vacation/before school shopping trip stateside with the kids. It was great. However typically during my vacations I eat like crap and don't exercise a lot. After my birthday at the beginning of August I had already put this process in motion -I was up about 6 pounds over my usual weight fluctuations. I figured I was in a bit of trouble because undoubtedly I would put on more weight over our trip. I decided to try an experiment and for one day all I ate was fruit. Vegans or Fruitarians eat this way all the time so one day couldn't hurt. Over one day I lost 3.8 pounds- I couldn't believe it. Cathy tried the experiment too and she lost four pounds. The moral of this story we are going to try to do this one day a week as a longer term experiment. Sure enough ,Idid put 6 pounds back on during the vacation. Today is fruit only-we shall see what happens. My daughters read the book Skinny Bitch a while ago and have started to eliminate meat etc from their diets. While we were away I picked up a copy of their other book -Skinny Bastard and read it during the trip. The authors prescribe a vegan diet. I sure do like steak and burgers-but reading this book makes you think twice. My one day a week fruit diet doesn't seem so crazy after reading this.

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