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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hold the status quo on the diet for now

total push ups/chin 317,842
weight 190.8 ,18.5%bf
Living without meat has not proven to be as difficult as I might have imagined. On most days my protein intake has been fairly high-or at least as high as it was on my "meat days". I have the odd day where I only get about 20 or 30 grams of protein, although I am trying to keep these to a minimum. Oddly enough my weight seems to be going up instead of down. Time will tell as I usually have fluctutations upward on the weekend. My push ups numbers were high the first two days since my last post and then have dropped. This isn't because of a lack of energy or anything-I have just been spending a little more time on other activities such as kettlebells, rowing or the heavy bag. I also eliminated articial sweetners from my diet. This has surprisingly proved harder to manage than the meat. I drink a lot of coffee. I have been substituting molasses and raw sugar for sweetners. I can handle either of these for about a day and then I am sick of them. This weekend I picked up some raw sugar cane, agave syrup ,raw brown sugar cubes and some honey to mix it up a bit. I know vegans don't like honey (it is an animal product) but I don't get that one-it doesn't seem that bee's are treated so poorly in the production of honey. As opposed to white processed sugar I think honey is actually pretty good for you. Anyway I am not sure if I am going full on vegan-vegetarian seems pretty good for now. Easier to maintain. I am not eliminating anything more for my diet for at least another week. Will see how meat and sweetners go for now

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