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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lost both fat and lean

Sept 6-157,sept7-207,sept9-141,sept10-150,sept11-3,sept12-150,sept13-150,sept14-303,sept15-150
total push ups/chins 319,253
weight 187 bf%18.5
The meatless lifestyle still seems not so hard to maintain. I am down a few pounds since my last post but my percentage bodyfat is about the same. Figuring out the math I am down about 0.7 pounds of fat, which is good, but also down about 3.1 pounds of lean mass. This makes me think maybe I am not getting enough protein. Gotta up the beans and soy-see how that works. I have been pretty busy both at work and home-so getting my workouts in has been a little tough. If all else fails I am pounding out 150 push ups before bed-just to get something in the log.

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