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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Muscle Gain fat lost

sept17-202,sept18-340,sept19-38,sept20-61,sept21-175,sept 22-51
320,120 total push ups/chins
weight 192.4 bf% 16.8
As of my last post I was at about 152.4 pounds of lean weight and 34.6 pounds of body fat. I thought protein was my problem -but a maybe this has not been the problem. This week I was eating a good amount -still vegetarian, but not getting a lot more protein than last week ( that wasn't the plan but it was what happened). I was eating more calories and my weight went up a bit, however my percentage of bodyfat has been going down each day for the last few days. That is good news the math on this works out to about 160.8 pounds of lean bodyweight and 32.32 pounds of bodyfat. In other words I gained 7.68 pounds of lean bodymass since last week and lost 2.28 pounds of fat. Pretty good results for a week or so. As you might notice above I have not been hitting high numbers of chins/push ups- pretty moderate to low actually. Above that typically I try to get a lot more rowing or running on the treadmill than I did this week. It was a bit of hit and miss 20 or 30 minutes here and there. This was kind of an accidental experiment but what it seems to be suggesting is that I should be trying to get more calories and a little bit less exercise overall. So much for "more is better". I am going to try to keep the exercise and calorie intake a little closer to what I was doing by accident this week.

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