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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oct 18-100
total push ups/chins 322,840
weight 192.5 bf 18.3%
So far I have been able to follow thru with rule #3-don't go to bed until you have burned more calories than you have eaten. Sunday was a little hard. We decided to go to the breakfast buffet at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. I ate 3200 calories worth of food. It was fantastic. However Sunday evening I had to workout for two hours and five minutes to burn it off. Running, weights ab work and chin ups. It was worth it -but it made it hard to follow rule number three that day. I found this new app for my Ipod that should put a little prospective on this process. It is "Leanscale". The App is designed for people who use a bodyfat scale. The challenge with this type of scale is that they are so sensitive to anything that affects your hydration level. Exercise, drinking too much water or too little all affect your percentage rating. You enter your weight and percentage of bodyfat into the app. The program then tells you the trend of bodyfat and lean, not just what your percentage is like today, Today my weight is up and my BF percent is down. The other day my BF percentage was up. The app today tells me that my trend average over the last three days is that I have gained 2.6 pounds of lean mass and lost 2.3 pounds of fat-I like that trend.

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