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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lean mass going up

total push ups/chins 323,695
weight 195.2 bf%20.2
I was re-reading my last post and was a little down,my weight and bodyfat percentage are up. Love this LEANSCALE, I looked back to the day I started using this app (October 17th) to see how I was doing over time. Today Leanscale tells me that me I have 39.43 pounds of fat as opposed to 40.32 pounds of fat on October 17th . So if you can get over carrying around forty pounds of fat ( which you shouldn't)-you could see that I have lost a pound of fat in a couple of weeks. Not bad but not overwhelmingly impressive. However the app tells me I have 155.77 pounds of lean mass today versus 150.78 pounds on October 17th . So I gained about 5 pounds of lean mass in about two weeks or so. That is awesome. I am sure these numbers are going to fluctuate up and down a bit, and I do intend to burn off a bit of fat. However if the trend of adding lean body mass continues-I'll be happy.

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