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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weight down

Oct 14-111
total push ups/chins 322,425
weight 191.4 bf%19.1
I might have jinxed myself a bit. I said percentage bodyfat was the goal and sure enough I lose weight but my bf goes up a bit. Yesterday was Friday night-took my wife to dinner and a movie-no working out. Ate 35 fewer calories than I burned. This is probably a little too close -probably need to burn a few more calories over what I eat than that just to account for my own mis calculations in entering portion size (eg 1 cup of rice or is it 1 1/4 cup rice). Thursday was a bit better. On Thursday I burned 488 calories more than I ate. I did 15 minutes of chin ups, 15 minutes on the rower,35 minutes on the speed bag and 40 minutes running. Not a bad workout day.

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