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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gaining one pound of muscle per week

Dec 27-7
total push ups/chins 341,482
weight 198.2 bf%22.2
Well today the scale indicates that I have about 154.2 pounds of lean body mass. This is up about 1 pound of lean mass since I started Occam's protocol on Dec 20th. I suppose one pound of muscle gained in about 8 days is not all that bad. My LOSEIT app tells me I did 40 minutes of weights and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill in the last seven days. Typically I would workout more than that amount each day. So I suppose if all I gained was a pound of muscle in the last seven days or so- this return on investment is much better than I have be experiencing recently. If I could keep this up in a year I would have 50 more pounds of muscle -not sure the human body works that way, but who knows... Anyway I know I am getting stronger. The first work out B I was able to do 3 strict dips using the 5 second lowering 5 second pushing back up format. Yesterday I did 7 strict reps and one kind of floppy pathetic rep after that. I am assuming that I will have to pay more attention to the "trends" versus the day to day fluctuation in weight. Over the last 8 days the results on the scale have ranged from I lost muscle weight to having gained about 7 pounds of lean. Since yesterday's weigh in the scale indicates that I gained about 1.5 pounds of muscle. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. I am going to try to up my daily protein intake to 250 grams a day. I misread the section of the book that says how much protein to eat per pound. I have been finding it hard to eat 200 grams a day ( I am still "meatless") so 250 might take some extra effort. Hard boiled eggs and protein bars here I come.

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