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Monday, December 27, 2010


total push ups/chins 341,475
weight 198.6 bf%23.2
I think the Christmas bindgeing just caught up with me. I haven't been over 23% bodyfat for a while now. When I started Occam's protocol- according to the Tanita-I was at 153.036 lbs of lean and 43.164 pounds of fat. Yesterday my weight was at 201.4 with a bf% of 21.3 ,which works out to 158.502 lbs of lean -up about 5 and a half pounds from day 1. Today's numbers work out to 152.53 lbs of lean and 46.075 pounds of fat. So essentially down in lean mass and up in fat from day 1. Nonetheless I know the day to day accuracy of this method of weighing is not that great-and I have been stuffing my face with more than just protein-so we will wait and see what the scale says tomorrow. Today is a workout day. If I am really gaining muscle I should see an increase in t he number of reps I can get in the workout.

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