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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Body by Science

dec 12=8
total push ups/chins 341,509
weight 198.2 bf%21.5
I did workout last night after all. Tonight was supposed to be the workout night but I am flying out of town and flying back in late tonight so I figured I might not get a workout in. I suppose I will get to test my theory about whether I need two days or three days rest between workouts. I did pick up a copy of Doug McGuff's book (Body by Science) that is mentioned in the Four Hour Body. So far it is a pretty good read. So far some interesting logic suggesting why most of what we believe about fitness is off base. He has an interesting approach to fitness- even a little more extreme than a workout every three days-instead a workout once a week. After I finish Occam's protocol for 30 days I might just try Doug McGuff's "Big Five" workout as he calls it in his book. It will certainly test the "minimum effective dose" notion a little further. If two workouts a week are working will one workout work twice as fast?

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