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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tim Ferriss Video

total push ups/chins 341.501
Weight 199.8 bf%22
Seems like I have a good weigh in day or two followed by a not so good one. Tomorrow is supposed to be my workout day. I am wondering if the fact that I go down in lean body mass about two days after a workout means that I need less rest than three days between workouts, maybe I only need two days rest? Well as it says in the book you are trying to find your minimum effective dose-so I am not going to change anything until at least the twentyth. Give the protocol a fair trial before changing any of the variables. I found a few Tim Ferriss videos. The link is below:
On another note Monday is the day of the week that my LoseIt app sends me an email that summarizes how much I ate and worked out in a week. The previous week my total time for weight lifting was 15 minutes and I did 5 minutes of rowing. Whether I have gained 3 pounds of lean (as todays weigh in suggests) or 8 plus pounds (as yesterdays weigh in suggests) I would say that the results are a pretty good return on investment for 20 minutes of workout time in a week.

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