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Friday, January 14, 2011

Occam's Protocol Day 25

total push ups/chins 341,509
weight 200.0 bf %21.3
It is day 25 on Occam's Protocol. Todays weigh in has me about 4 pounds heavier than Dec 1 for lean body mass and a little less than a pound of fat lost. Overall so far not bad results. My LeanScale app (the app the tells you if you are "trending" up or down for fat or lean) says that for the last 90 days my leanbody mass has been trending upward and I have gained 2.5 pounds of lean mass. It also says that for about the same time period my fat has been trending upward. There has been quite the variation up and down for both fat and lean mass since December 20th. I think at the end of 30 days I will graph and post the ups and downs. Clearly diet seems to have a significant effect. "Ashy" made a comment on one of my posts and suggested looking at Mark Sisson's site. He suggests that diet is responsible for over 80 % of your outcome on a program like this. His website is worth a look. There are a couple of free ebooks on the site. I might check and see if Chapter's has a copy of his book " The Primal Blueprint" looks like it is worth a read. His website is called Mark's Daily Apple:

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