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Monday, January 31, 2011

Law number three

total push ups/chins 341,674
weight  199.6 bf% 21.5

Law #3 in Primal Blueprint "Move Frequently at a slow Pace". Mark Sisson recommends easy cardio at 55 to 75 percent maximal heart rate for 2 to 5 hours a week.  Last night I walked on the treadmill for 50 minutes ,most of the time I was walking at a little over 5 miles per hour. About 5.3 miles per hour to be specific. I was trying to keep my heart rate closer to the 55% range most of the time. Fifty five percent to 75 percent of maximal heart rate ( using the 220 minus your age formula) is about 95-130 beats per minute. The first half hour it was pretty easy keeping my heart rate close to 95 beats walking at 5.3 miles per hour. After this point I noticed my heart rate started to drift up around 135,so I slowed the treadmill down to about 5 mph. The treadmill has a built in heart rate monitor on the handles. You put your hands on the sensors and it takes a reading. I am assuming the readings can be a little off as from time to time the reading will jump way up or down when there is no extra exertion that would justify a large fluctuation. Anyway I figured the Move Frequently at a slow pace rule would suggest-if in doubt go a little slower. So that is what I did.

I have discovered that simple carbohydrates are definitely not my friends.If I eat any type of pasta -it seems like the next day I go up about 4 pounds in weight or my body fat percentage goes up. We went to my in-laws for brunch today so I pushed the envelope a little bit today on the carbohydrates. One of the culprits was the cheesecake I had ( over 40 grams of carbs alone in this little mistake). I know -who eats cheesecake after a big brunch? Anyway this kind of threw my carb level out for the day. However I have read the entire book now (Primal Blueprint) and it suggests paying more attention to your average daily intake of carbs and protein. In other words don't get as wrapped up in your daily intake as much as how the numbers average out over the week. So far this week my average for protein is too low and carbs are too high, but the averages are moving in the right direction.So far my average for the week of Jan 31st( Lose It calculates your weekly average starting on Sunday) is 122.2 grams of carbs and 188.2 grams of protein. This is close to where I want to be (minus a piece of cheesecake or so) so I should be able to balance this out a bit over the coming days this week

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