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Monday, January 31, 2011

97 Benefits of a Primal Blueprint Lifestyle

total push ups/chins 341,674
weight  197.8 bf% 21.2

I have my Lose It app programmed to send me an email summary of my weekly results for exercise and nutrients. This week I logged 50 minutes walking on the treadmill ( slow frequent -or in this case not so frequent cardio) 10 minutes of weight training//calisthenics ( lift heavy things) and 20 minutes of snow shoveling ( I don't think this counts as play). I am getting a little better at the "eat lots of plants and animals" thing also. Today I ate 40 grams of carbs and 158 grams of protein. Could have eaten a little more protein -but I am in the right neighborhood.
I don't know what you call people who follow the Primal Blueprint plan, "Primals?" "Grokers". Anyway here is one post from a reader (Grok er) I found on Mark's Daily apple about 97 of the benefits they had experienced following the lifestyle.

Pretty good side effects if you ask me.

 I was surfing around the forum on Mark's Daily Apple and found a link to the site, for anybody who wants to try a different approach to the "Lift Heavy" days.
It is similar to a  Crossfit calesthetics day workout.

Simple Fit

I might just try it myself after 30 days on Body by Science. The workout has 8 progressive levels of difficulty you can work through.

Clearly I was spending a little too much time websurfing today, but here is one more link you might want to check out. It is a fan trailer for the 4 hour body by Tim Ferris. If you haven't read the book yet this might interest you enough to pick up a copy. It is an interesting read.

4 Hour Body Fan Trailer

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