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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Rebound I was waiting for

total push ups/chins 341,496
weight 202.0 bf%21
Okay this was the rebound I was waiting for. Yesterday I was starting to wonder if this Occam's Protocol was working, was kind of thinking of going back to high volume push ups. Today my weight went up a couple of pounds and the bodyfat dropped back down. If you do the math my lean body mass is 159.58 and 42.42 pounds of fat. So essentially since December 20th my lean mass has gone up 6.54 pounds and fat is down 0.74 pounds (or about .41 pounds of lean mass gained a day). I saw something on television last night about how Will Smith trained for the movie Ali- about six hours a day. He ran 5 miles a day ,lots of weights, lots of boxing. I thought for a moment about going back to a routine where I tried to get in hours a day of working out. I think I will stick to 10 or 15 minutes about twice a week for a little while longer

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