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Monday, January 10, 2011

Occam's Protocol Day 21

total push ups/chins 341,501
weight 200.4 bf% 19.2
We had a three day fundraising event that I was attending out of town this weekend. It was a great event but the downside for me was we had food everywhere for the participants and the volunteers. Early in the day Friday I gave up on trying to track what I was eating or how many grams of protein I was getting. There was food and munchies everywhere and I didn't control myself all that well. Even though we were working the event from early in the morning till late each night I did manage to sneak in a brief workout at the hotel. Nice advantage when you only have to get two sets of exercise in as a workout. Despite pretty poor self control on the diet side of the equation, by the end of the weekend I had actually gone down in body fat percentage. I may see my punishment for the indulgence tomorrow on the scale-but today looks pretty good. The scale tells me I am at 161.92 pounds of lean ( up 8.88 pounds since my Dec 20th start day for Occam's Protocol) and 38.48 pounds of fat ( down 4.68 pounds since Dec 20th). I know better than to get too excited about day to day changes on the scale as too many factors can make the daily variation fluctuate. For today, I will consider this progress and be happy with it.

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