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Sunday, February 6, 2011


total push ups/chins 341,685
weight 200.6 bf 23.8

Not sure exactly what happened but this morning I woke up to just about the worst reading on the scale I have had in weeks.Not exactly sure how this happened. So far this week my weekly average carb intake has been 138.5 grams ( a little higher than target) and my protein intake has been 179.5 grams ( a little lower than target, but not a bad average). I am hoping this is some kind of "blip". I expect with the carb intake not being quite low enough that the body fat percentage would not be dropping rapidly, however my lean mass total has dropped as well. I don't think I could be overtraining -I have had a hard time lately getting any of the slow frequent cardio workouts in.Yesterday my protein intake was 195.8 grams. Usually on a day that my protein intake is near 200 grams my lean mass either stays the same or goes up a bit. I will try to make sure todays protein is high and crabs are low to see if that has an effect on the readings on the scale.

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