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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Squat every day

June 29-63,July1-36

total push ups/chins  360,880
I found a couple of articles that I thought were kind of interesting:

Both articles are about coach John Broz. Coach Broz doesn't believe in over training. In fact he has his weight lifters squat heavy everyday. They actually work up to a point where they are not only working out everyday but they are doing 13 workouts a week. It is an interesting contract to some of the criticisms of the Strong Lifts program that I am trying ( described in my other blog-Link on the left- 20 Pounds of Difference). These guys aren't squatting light some days they are maxing most days. Some of the questions on the Strong Lifts forum relate to whether squaring three times a week is too much. Apparently not. Interesting articles give them a read- maybe if I get courageous or win the lotto and can  train all day I will give this type of program a try.

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