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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work out a few skip a few

oct22-125, oct24-78, oct 25-78,oct 26-408,oct30-289,nov2-140

total push ups/chins 373,716

I haven't posted in a little while. I have been off and on again with my chin ups and push up routine. I workout for a couple of days then I miss a couple of days. Overall I have been working out a few days a week-so I suppose I have to be satisfied with that and push forward from here. Despite less than stellar consistency with working out I have managed to hold the line on my weight gain. Not sure if I am going through some age induced slow down of metabolism -but I seem to be having a really easy time putting on weight and a much harder time pushing it back down. Anyway you can check my other blog for details on that drama

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