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Monday, December 19, 2011

Back to High Volume

Dec 15-66,dec17-120, dec18-70

Total push ups/chins 377,069

Now that I am doing a two week trial of higher volume I can make some inroads into my million push ups/chin ups goal again. Not that number of push ups/chins I have done over the last couple of days could be considered "high volume" it is still a lot higher volume than you would do during a trial of Occams protocol. I am still using myfitnesspal to track my calories in versus out. Since I started the 4 hour body program I have been using it mostly to track my grams of protein more than watching the calories per say. I do wonder how accurate the calories burned for each activity are? For example when I do a half hour of push ups does the app really accurately reflect the number of calories I have burned. I have been thinking I should pick up one of those heart rate monitors that also calculates number of calories burned. Now that could take me to a whole new level of obsessiveness. Well maybe Santa will bring one.

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