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Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to Higher Volume

Dec20-215, Dec 21-100, Dec26-101

total push ups/chins 377,485

I will start adding to my total of push ups and chin up again. If you read my other blog you can see the details as to what my new plan is but push ups and chins ups will likely be a serious part of it:

Today I did mostly chin ups with a set of push ups at the end of my bodyweight workout. After an extended period of time when I am not doing multiple sets of chin ups and/or push ups everyday it is hard to get a lot of reps in each set. For example I finished my chin up work out with a set of 30 push ups-it was pretty hard and I had to take a few breathing breaks. Typically a set of 30 would make me sweat-but it wasn't a maximum rep set by any means. Anyway I am sure the volume per set will come up pretty quickly when I have a few days of higher volume workouts under my belt. Pretty excited to see how the new program is working after day 1 of ABS by April. Again if you want to know the details -check my other blog.

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